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Biocidin®: Beyond the Basics
We will discuss the 11 products in the Biocidin® line, research, case studies, and clinical applications. Registration is limited to allow a round-table format.
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Alia Khan-Elhady
Clinical Education Consultant @Biocidin®
Alia Khan-Elhady is the Lead Clinical Consultant with Biocidin. A licensed health care professional holding a Master’s degree in Social Work, and she is a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner based in Calgary, Canada. In addition to her in-depth training in holistic nutrition and mental health, she has a passion for GI health, pain management, and getting to the root cause of complex cases.
Margaret Conger
Clinical Education Consultant @Biocidin®
Margaret Conger is a certified Biofeedback and Functional Medicine Health Coach based in Golden, CO. She discovered Biocidin® after she and her family experienced mold toxicity and successfully regained their health after using Biocidin® and support products. Her focus is on GI health, mold toxicity and stress management.