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Biocidin®: Beyond the Basics
We will discuss the 11 products in the Biocidin® line, research, case studies, and clinical applications. Registration is limited to allow a round-table format.
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Alia Khan-Elhady
Clinical Education Consultant @Biocidin®
Alia Khan-Elhady is the Lead Clinical Consultant with Biocidin. A licensed health care professional holding a Master’s degree in Social Work, and she is a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner based in Calgary, Canada. In addition to her in-depth training in holistic nutrition and mental health, she has a passion for GI health, pain management, and getting to the root cause of complex cases.
Erika Stowe-Madison, MS, RDN
Clinical Education Consultant @Biocidin®
Erika Stowe-Madison is a Biocidin® Clinical Consultant and a licensed Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. With a focus on GI health, specifically the gut microbiome, she desires to lessen human impact on the planet and enhance human health with botanical medicine. When she is not crafting recipes, you’ll find her surfing.